SOEASY Energy modules pass salt mist corrosion test SOEASY Energy, a manufacturer of premium quality solar panels, announces that its modules have passed the salt mist corrosion test, performed by SGS in compliance with IEC 61701 standards. This new certification is another proof of the manufacturer’s product quality, and provide its customers with the guarantee that SOEASY Energy panels can withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Complying with IEC 61701 standards is a necessary step to determine the resistance of solar panels in coastal regions and marine environments, that are particularly exposed to salt-laden humidity and rain. Having passed this test successfully, SOEASY Energy modules prove that they are a perfect match for PV systems installed in islands or on ships. The test that SOEASY Energy panels have undergone consists of four test cycles spread over 28 days.

Each module has been sprayed with a salt mist solution and then stored for 7 days at 40° Celsius and 93% relative humidity. After the test to which they had been submitted, the panels were found to be visually, dimensionally and functionally compliant with the IEC standards.

“This test is for us one more testimony of the quality of our products,” comments CEO at SOEASY Energy. “We welcome this new certification, which enables our partners in islands and coastal regions to install our panels with confidence. Yet, we do not forget that quality is not only about testing samples, and will continue to dedicate ourselves to providing free-of-defect solar panels, all certified individually by independent companies after production, like we currently do with STS-Certified.”

The IEC 61701 certification applies to SOEASY Energy polycrystalline modules.

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