tile roofing solar mounting structure set

Soeasy provides universal hooks for tile roofs. At present, different types of patented aluminum hooks and steel hooks have been developed and designed for different tile roofs. Different roof hooks can fit for different roof conditions, which can satisfy different requirements of the installation for residential solar pv power plant.
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    solar roof mount
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    7-15 Days after confirmination
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    Xiamen Part
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    T/T, L/C
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    aluminum alloy 6005-T5 and SUS-304
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Product Description:

The SOEASY solar tile roof mounting system is designed with great flexibility and adjustability, which is suitable for most tile roofs, and can be applied to commercial, residential, and industrial applications. Highly pre-assemble and customize solutions, save you installation time and money.

Technical Paramerters:


Slope Roof

Wind Load


Snow Load


PV Modules

Framed modules

Modules Layout

According to requirement

Modules Orientation

Portrait / Landscape

Installation Angle


Buiding Height



10 Years

Product Advantages:

  1. Omnibearing adjustability within millimeter to make sure its accuracy in contruction.
  2. Strict mechanical testing to make sure the strength.
  3. Perfect connection of the insection structure, make it steady and precise.
  4. Can suitable for all kinds of product and accessories in the market.
  5. Highly pre-assembled in the factory, efectively improve the construction efficlency by more than 50%.
  6. Large-space adjustability to ensure it can adapt to most tile roof structure.

More Hook Options:

soeasy solar tile roof mount hook


1. How do you attach solar panels to a tiled roof?

-Rails are bolted to the brackets to support the panels.

-Panels are attached to the rails using specially designed clips which bolt onto the edges.

-The cable is fed under a tile and into the roof void where it is connected to the inverter.

-Roof installation is complete.

2. What type of roof is best for solar panels?

Asphalt shingle roofing works great for solar panels and involves a simple installation process. Tile roofs are also highly compatible with solar panels and make them easy to install. The roof type that is most compatible with solar panels is a standing metal roof.

3. Are tile roofs more energy efficient?

There has been a lot of research based on the energy-efficiency of tile roofs. Scientists have confirmed that tile roofing decreases the flow of heat into an attic by as much as 70% in comparison to asphalt shingle roof tiles. This research has been recognized by the federal government.

4. Does roof tile color matter?

Shingle roof color does affect room temperature. More specifically, it affects how your roof absorbs or releases heat. It is actually quite simple: lighter colors reflect heat while dark colors absorb heat.

Project Case:

adjustable solar roofing mount project case

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