Swiss Developer Wants To Deploy 107 MW In Italian Industrial Zone
Swiss Developer Wants To Deploy 107 MW In Italian Industrial Zone
Comoil SA is seeking approval for two solar plants with capacities of 62.2 MW and 44.8 MW. It wants to install them in an industrial zone in Macchiareddu, Sardinia.

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witzerland-based Comoil SA plans to build two PV power plants with a combined capacity of 107 MW at an industrial zone of Macchiareddu, Sardinia.

The company is seeking approval for a 62.2 MW plant and a 44.8 MW facility. They would be likely used to power the company’s operations, or the electricity could be sold to nearby industrial consumers through private power purchase agreements.

The industrial area is located near the municipality of Assemini, in the province of Cagliari. It already hosts a 26 MW solar project under development by Italian oil and gas company Eni. Eni said the project will cover around 70% of the energy needs of a salt production facility operated by local company Conti Vecchi.

The project, which was presented along with the strategic plan for the 2018-21 period, includes a 220 MW PV project pipeline to be built at the company’s facilities.

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