Solar Ground Screw Mounting Solution

Solar Ground Screw Mounting Solution is specially designed for large scale pv power installation. Different soil condition will adopt various screw type, which can prompt up the installation effciency.
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    Ground Mount
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Why choose solar ground screw mounting solution

SOEASY SOLAR GROUND SCREW MOUNTING SOLUTION is one of the most common solar installation solutions applied in 

large scale solar pv power plant with different support type. Comparing with single ramming pile solution, even if it is 

used two ground screws for support, but the cost for ground screw still less than single ramming pile solution and the 

strength are also more stable than single ramming pile solution. Different sites can use different arrays for solar panel. 

For example, in Malaysia market, two rows in portrait are highly recommended.


1. Compatible to different types of solar module. 

2. Highly corrosion resistant surface treatment

3. Artistic style structure

4. Light weight for structure and easy to carry

SOEASY Ground Mount

AL 6005-T5/SUS304
Surface Treatment
Average Anodizing Coating Thickness≥ 10μm Average
Panel Type
Framed & Frameless
Wind Load
Snow Load
Panel Orientation
Tilt Angle
Seismic Load
Lateral Seismic Factor: Kp=1;  Seismic Coefficient: Z=1; Use Coefficient: I=1
JIS C 8955 : 2017
AS/NZS 1170
International Building Code: IBC 2009
10 Years Quality Warranty, 25 Years Life Span Warranty

SOEASY Benefits

SOEASY solar mount package

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Send A Message
If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.