SOEASY PV Exhibition Trip to the Daegu Exhibition in South Korea

PV Exhibition in Daegu Exhibitiong in South Korea

         Among non hydro renewable energy sources in South Korea, solar photovoltaic has the highest growth rate. The South Korean Ministry of Energy stated that renewable energy will meet 20% of its total electricity consumption by 2030, and the plan requires an increase of 30.8 gigawatts of solar power generation capacity and 16.5 gigawatts of wind power generation capacity.

         On April 12-14, 2023, the Daegu Exhibition in South Korea, which was delayed for 3 years due to the epidemic, was finally launched as scheduled! SOEASY has finally arrived at this exhibition with our high-quality photovoltaic installation solutions as expected!

         The 3-day photovoltaic exhibition is booming! After three years of the epidemic, PV men are no less passionate about clean energy than the bright sun in Daegu!

Soeasy PV Expo in South Korea

         The merchants in the SOEASY booth (H-100) are also in a continuous stream.The members of the SOEASY team also patiently provide professional opinions and solutions for clients who come to consult.

         Due to the mountainous and hilly terrain of South Korea, many customers are interested in how to install photovoltaic mounting systems on slopes! For this reason, SOEASY on-site staff and technical personnel provided a detailed explanation of our agricultural land mounting, G-type sloping solar mounting, and single column solar mounting, and provided perfect solutions for different customer needs!

         The proportion of flat areas in South Korea is small. If you want to have both photovoltaic systems while saving costs, then rooftop photovoltaic is undoubtedly another high-quality choice. During the exhibition, SOEASY showcased various photovoltaic installation related accessories that can be adapted to different roofs, such as various models of hooks, fixtures clamps, rails, ballast brackets, triangular brackets, etc. SOEASY'S staffs also show the different roof installation solutions to customers on site, which eliminated customers' doubts about photovoltaic adaptation issues for different types of roof installations.

         At the Daegu International Green Energy Exhibition in South Korea, Soeasy (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. not only empowered new and old customers in the local market with photovoltaic technology consult, but also was impressed by the high enthusiasm for photovoltaic technology in the local market. In the communication with customers, the SOEASY team has also opened up more new ideas and directions for serving the Korean photovoltaic market!

This exhibition trip to Korea is very rewarding and valuable

Next stop - German Intersolar Photovoltaic Exhibition!

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