Shizuoka Japan 680KW

G-S Type Ground Mounting – Ground Screw
Project location : Shizuoka Japan

Total Capacity : 680KW

ground mounted solar

Golf solar mounting system with pile-driven foundation.Designed to allow endless table lengths to reduce material employed.Reduced installation times due to high pre-fabrication level.Minimized assembly time and effort (up to 35%).Made of only 2 components and 4 screw fixations and two tool only pre racking.Structural validation   JIS/DIN.Variable inclination with any degree.Optimized span width and profile section.Smart, simple, safe.

ground mounted solar PV

Our Soeasy G-type solar racking system is suitable not only for flat ground, but also for tilted terrains. It can be in common use no matter what kind of your panels are, and meets customer needs. We highly recommend this G-type to you when your layouts are three or four rows in landscape.

ground mounted solar PV systems

The G-type solar racking is designed for slopes, where were known as hard or unable to mount solar racking in the past. This G-type solar racking could be applied to slope regardless of the orientation and inclination. We supply the best mounting solution for you to help you taking the best use of land.

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