Saga Japan 1MW
W Type Ground Mounting –  Concrete Foundations
Project location : Saga  Japan

Total Capacity : 1MW

Ground Screw Manufacturers

PV-Terrain rack W with ground screw or concrete foundation.Reduced installation times due to high pre-fabrication level.Minimized assembly time and effort(up to 40%).Maximum use of existing land to save land formation costs.Flexible to customize according to different project situation.Optimization material use structure verification approval by wind load and snow load testing.Structural validation   JIS/DIN.Flexible array length expansion.Smart, simple, safe.

Ground Screw Solar Mounting

The highest level of pre-assembly design can simplify the construction process to the most extent and make the installation easy and quick. This excellent design can bring our customer better construction efficiency, shorter construction period and lower construction cost.

Ground Screws For Solar Mounting

We provide a simple and easy installation guide with high accuracy. These main structural components of the system are marked with different colors so that you can easily understand how and where to put all the components together by matching each other with the same color.

Ground Solar Mounting

The raw materials of all components are made of aluminum alloy 6005-T5 and SUS-304 materials, ensuring product's weather ability and structural stability to the greatest extent. The W-type solar racking system, approved by reliable mechanical analysis and static loading test, with theory and related data, achieves stability and safety of structure.

Ground Solar Mounting System

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