• Southeast Asia 600KW
    Southeast Asia 600KW
    SOEASY Solar Roof Mounting -  New Design Solar Ballast Project location : Southeast Asia Total Capacity : 600KW Our clients just finish the 600kw solar project on their factory flat roof. The solar mounting bracket designed and provided by SOEASY team. This time we choose a new Ballast Roof Bra...
  • Middle East 1.5MW
    Middle East 1.5MW
    SOEASY Solar Roof Mounting -  Metal Roof Project location : Middle East Total Capacity : 1.5MW 1.5MW solar tin roof solution has provided by SOEASY has now begun installation. The renewable energy project installed at middle east country. Base on the...
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina 840KW
    Bosnia and Herzegovina 840KW
    A Type Ground Mounting – Ground Screw Project location : Bosnia and Herzegovina Total Capacity : 840 KW                                         &...
  • Fujian, China  650kw
    Fujian, China 650kw
    Solar N-Type Ground Mounting – Concrete Foundations Project location : Dongshan Island, Fujian,China Total Capacity : 650KW PICTURE-1 PICTURE-2 PICTURE-3
  • Bahrain 1MW
    Bahrain 1MW
    Solar Ground Mounting – Concrete Foundations Project location : Bahrain Total Capacity : 1MW
  • Poland  18.45KW
    Poland 18.45KW
    SOEASY Solar Roof Mounting Project location : Poland Total Capacity : 18.45KW This rooftop solar brackets installation has a brilliant idea. It was installed on the containers rooftop with multiple "V" type. Different from the usual installation of photovoltai...
  • Cambodia 94MW
    Cambodia 94MW
    N Type Ground Mounting – Ground Screw Project location : Cambodia Total Capacity : 94MW SOEASY PV-Terrain rack N system is design for the large scale of commercial installation and Multi-purpose installation. It is suggest to be used as when the modu...
  • Vietnam 780KW
    Vietnam 780KW
    SOEASY Solar Roof Mounting -  L Feet Kit Project location : Vietnam Total Capacity : 780KW SOEASY TRAPEZOIDAL ROOF SOLUTION is special designed for the installation of solar pv power plant on trapezoidal roof. It has adopted the self-t...
  • Ghana 2MW
    Ghana 2MW
    Solar ballast Ground Mounting – Concrete Foundations Project location : Ghana Total Capacity : 2MW Solar ballast adopts patented design with pre-assembly modular racks and fixed modules. The installation time can be reduced because there is no need for customi...
  • Thailand 900KW
    Thailand 900KW
    SOEASY Solar Roof Mounting -  L Feet Kit Project location : Thailand Total Capacity : 900KW Different purlin materials use different self-tapping screw, which can offer a more convenience, economic, and safe mounting solution for trape...
  • Okayama Japan 800KW
    Okayama Japan 800KW
    W Type Ground Mounting – Concrete Foundations Project location : Okayama Japan Total Capacity : 800KW The highest level of pre-assembly design can simplify the construction process to the most extent and make the installation easy and quick. This excellen...
  • Estonia 14.4KW
    Estonia 14.4KW
    SOEASY Solar Roof Mounting - Trim Dek Support Project location : Estonia Total Capacity : 14.4KW Our Trim Dek Support is a brand new design for attaching our roof-mount systems to Trim dek roof profiles. It’s waterproof, fast to install and competitively ...
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