Photovoltaic Tent Hall For Temporary Solar Power Supply

Polish companies Pol-Plan and Solarspot have developed a solution to equip tent halls with photovoltaic systems. The modules are mounted on a special construction above the roof, made of PVC.

In Austria, Polish tent hall manufacturer Pol-Plan and Poland-based solar installer Solar Spot have built a 10x20m and 4.2m high tent hall with a photovoltaic system with a capacity of 14.52 kW.

According to Pol-Plan, the tent hall is hosting 36 PV modules, each with a power output of 410 W, provided by Chinese manufacturer Risen Energy, and its structure is based on aluminum profiles. The company stressed that the tent hall has been adapted to both the local snow and wind loads and the additional load from the photovoltaic modules.

The modules were installed on a special construction above the roof made of PVC. The insulated hall will serve as an automobile repair shop in Austria. “There are also separate offices in the hall,” Pol-Plan stressed. “The photovoltaic installation is able to provide energy for workshop lifts and other equipment, heating, and lighting of the hall.”

According to the company, equipping a tent hall of this size with a photovoltaic system for temporary power supply is a novelty on the market.

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