Photovoltaic Panel System 10kw On Grid Tie With Growatt Inverter

The on grid solar system is a system that works with the grid. This means that any excess or insufficient power can be fed to the grid by grid metering. Many residents choose to go online to solar systems because they have the opportunity to enjoy the excess power generated by the system and save money on their electricity bills.
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    Solar System
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    T/T, L/C
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    Monocrystalline Silicon
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    10KW 30KW 50KW 100KW
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Photovoltaic Panel System 10kw On Grid Tie With Growatt Inverter

Product Description

solar on grid system

In a on grid solar system, solar panels will generate electricity continuously during the daytime. This power can either be used immediately or exported to the grid. If the system runs out of power at any point, it can also draw power from the grid. So, the excess generated by the system is also fed into the grid. The advantage is that the extra power customers send to the grid will reduce their spending on the electricity bills.

Technical Paremeter

SOEASY 10KW On Grid Solar System
Item No. Part Name
Description QTY Unit
1 Solar Module
Mono 500W 20 pcs
2 Mounting System
Customized Bracket 1 set
3 Inverter
10kw Single phase inverter Dual MPPT, Growatt(WIFI/GRPS Optional) 1 set
4 AC Combiner Box
Single phase 10kw 1 set
5 MC4 & Cables
Match the quantity as needed 1 set
Welcome to discuss about other kw options or details

Product Detail

solar system on grid

Product Features

solar on grid system

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