Patent for Utility Model

Patent for Utility Model

We are proud to inform you, that SOEASY Energy made the successful development of the patented new HPTP – (high power temperature process), the desert module technology. As told on phone (Ludwig Thoma) before, we made end of 2011 and this week the following important – successful steps: 1.

Successful crystalline modules made in end 2011, about 4000 modules in serial production, TÜV samples made in September 2011, TÜV certification nearly ready, base is crystalline, about 2.5 percent to 5 percent more power. Successful Development of HPTP process step 2, with another 18 percent increase of power, with crystalline modules HPTP process, on base six inch tested, in our research labor we realized much more than 18 percent this week.

We are planning to build first complete modules in April 2012. And machines for these HPTP process – step 2 in mid of 2012. Serial production is intended to have end of 2012, begin of 2013. Development of your spherical cells with HPTP technology, the result we got today, 60 percent higher performance with prototype 3×5 cm, this is a research and development world record.

We are very sure that we can get in serial process more than 20 percent and now we are developing the machines for the serial process. We have investors from Asia, which are interested into these technology and they will use them in the fabrication in 2012/2013 (KOREA, India and Bangladesh) So finally end of this year we are able to produce modules with 20 percent more efficiency, example: Your cell efficiency goes up to 15 percent Mono cell efficiency goes up to 24 percent. Multi cell efficiency goes up to over 20 percent.

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