Hyougo Japan 10MW
A Type Ground Mounting – Concrete Foundations
Project location : Hyougo Japan

Total Capacity : 10MW

High-Quality Steel Ground Screw

PV-Terrain rack New A System is a new system which is designed to optimized energy output by adjusting angle into the most suitable installation angle according terrain conditions.Base on measurement,each additional degree increases 3% of power generation.

The most difference between New A System and normal system is that the installation angle of New A System can be adjusted according to terrain conditions and there is no need to reprocess or reassemble the system.

The A SYSTEM was specially designed for use in photovoltaic systems in open areas. Framed and unframed modules can be

arranged in various configurations. Suitable for ground screw and concrete foundations.

All components are made of aluminum (anodized 6005-T5) and stainless steel (SUS304) guaranteeing long serviceability, pleasing aesthetics, high recycle value and low waste disposal costs.

Ø  Suitable for ground screw and concrete foundations

Ø  Material guarantees both full recyclability

Ø  Minimized assembly time and effort up to 40%

Ø Structural validation JIS

Ø  Adjust distance up down 30mm front back 40mm

Ø  Optimized solutions

Ø  Flexible to customize according to different project situation

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