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SoEasy EAC-NW Solar Carport Mounting System is developed for different requirements of windload and snowload area, which is a more economical SoEasy carport solution. By optimizing the carport structure, it can achieve the clients requirments and reduce the cost. SoEasy will keep optimizing the design of solar carport mounting system to offer a excellent installation experience for users.
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    Solar carport
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    7-15 Days after confirmination
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Product Description

SOEASY's new design solar carport system only six columns are used to support the solar panels on the roof. The design allows cars to drive in different directions, increasing parking flexibility. The problem of stability is not to worry about, the roof of the carport using inverted triangle design, save the ground area at the same time, but also to ensure the stability of the carport.

Technical Parameters


Concrete Foundation

Applicable Modules


Panel Orientation


Installation Angle


Wind Speed


Snow Load


Design Standards

JIS C 8955:2017;

AS/NZS 1170;


ASCE/SEI 7-10;

International Builing Code:IBC 2009

Ground Clearance




Fastener Material


Component Material



Sliver or Customized


10 Years

high-quality Component

1. Customized solutions to maximize the utilization of land resources.

2. WaterProof Solar Carport with simplifier structure design and easier to be installed.

3. Recyclable aluminum design row material.

4.10 years warranty, 25 years lifelong.

5.Professional design solution and detailed manual will save the cost and time for installation.

Installation Site

Solar carports are much easier to maintain than you would think in terms of service and any issues with weather. Maintaining a parking lot becomes easier when you install solar carports, because they can channel rain and snow away from the cars. It can also minimize the amount of ice on the lot, making it safer for navigating. If the solar panels ever need any kind of service, they are very easy to access and do not require much effort to uphold.

Soeasy Practical application

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