France Defines Agricultural Photovoltaic Standards

Ademe, the French environment and energy control agency, has issued a new set of guidelines that clearly defines "agricultural photovoltaics".

solar pv farm agricultural system

The French Agency for the Environment and Energy (Ademe) defines new standards for agricultural photovoltaics in a new series of publications published on its website. These documents provide a definition of "agricultural photovoltaic" and guidelines for classification criteria.

"With the current state of knowledge, a simple categorization of projects by type of PV system and/or crop is not possible," the agency said. "Our work enables the creation of decision trees as a real tool for analyzing and A tool to identify the most benign items. A case-by-case analysis of these items is necessary to assess and determine their position in the proposed classification gradient."

Ademe defines agri-PV as follows: “Agri-PV installation is a photovoltaic system in which photovoltaic modules are placed on the same surface as agricultural production and bring to the latter climate change adaptation, extreme weather disaster preparedness, improved animal welfare, and specific cultural agronomic services without causing significant reductions in agricultural yields in terms of quality and quantity and reducing the income generated by agricultural activities.”

Agricultural photovoltaic power generation projects always mean the existence of farmers. Such devices must be reversible, adapted to the environment without harming the environment, and should also be able to adapt to new situations.

Ademe said: “A more precise definition of agricultural photovoltaics has been proposed, which is based on the concept of synergy between agricultural production and photovoltaic power generation on the same plot. Photovoltaic installations must provide services to address agricultural problems. For example, A PV system can include PV modules located above plant products to protect plants from excessive sunlight, exert shading effects to limit water stress, or reduce risks associated with climatic conditions such as hail or frost. While generating energy, it can also provide beneficial services for agricultural production on-site with certain configurations." In June 2021, French solar companies Sun'Agri, REM Tec, Kilowattsol and Altergie Développement et Râcines announced the establishment of the world's first agricultural photovoltaics Trade agency France Agrivoltaisme.

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