Chinese coal mine hosts 300 MW solar plant

 Chinese coal mine hosts 300 MW solar plant
TBEA New Energy’s new solar park relies on flexible mounting systems and large-gradient, large-span slope support technology.

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TBEA New Energy, a  unit of Chinese PV inverter supplier TBEA Xi’an Electric Technology, has switched on a 300 MW solar plant in Jiaokou County, in China's Shanxi Province.

The solar park has been under development since 2018 and was deployed on an open-pit reclamation area at Yongxing Coal Industry in the town of Shuitou. “Due to poor soil fertility and water conservation capacity, this area is not suitable for farming,” the company said. “In addition, the working conditions in this area are complicated.”

TBEA explained that the project required a comprehensive approach to land utilization, integrating flat areas and slopes in the coal mining and reclamation area. It used a special mounting system technology to adapt the solar plant and its sub-units to the difficult characteristics of the project site.

“The flexible support and large-gradient and large-span slope support technology was used for the first time in the construction process, which effectively reduces the overall construction costs, improves the safety, durability and resistance to gales of the project,” TBEA said.

TBEA also noted the high land utilization rate ensured by its technology. On-site materials, safety and technical inspections were conducted before construction to ensure that the workers could fully understand the project design and the safety and technical requirements. The company did not provide any additional financial and technical details about the project.

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