Canadian Solar Bags 500 MW Panel Order From Spain
Canadian Solar Bags 500 MW Panel Order From Spain
The modules will be used by U.K. developer Solarcentury for its Cabrera and Talayuela Solar projects in southern Spain.

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Chinese-Canadian panel manufacturer Canadian Solar will provide U.K. project developer Solarcentury with 500 MW of its 144-cell polycrystalline CS3U-P KuMax modules.

The manufacturer said the modules will be used for two large scale PV plants the developer is building in southern Spain: the 200 MW La Cabrera project in which Solarcentury sold its majority stake to an unidentified buyer in mid-April, and which is near Seville; and the 300 MW Talayuela Solar project, in which an 80% stake was bought by German investor Encavis in October, and which is in Cerro Verde in the Extremadura region.

No more details were given on the financial terms of the module supply agreement.

“We are very proud to partner with Solarcentury in one of the largest solar power projects in Europe, which is set to be built without subsidy in the country,” said Canadian Solar CEO Shawn Qu.

As for La Cabrera, scheduled for completion next year, Solarcentury previously announced it had obtained authorization from the regional government of Andalucía in November and the project was to be developed with the support of Texla, a Seville-based engineering company with more than 20 years’ experience in the construction and maintenance of renewable energy projects.

The Talayuela project, also scheduled for completion in 2020, should generate around 588.26 GWh of electricity per year, which will be sold to the market via private power supply deals. Encavis expects annual revenues of around €25 million. The plant was designated a strategic project by the Extremadura government – a measure that helped accelerate its development. The Spanish Ministry of the Ecological Transition granted final approval to the project in August.

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