The Importance of Pull-Out Test in Commercial Metal Sheet Roof Solar PV Plant

Aluminum Mounting Rails

After the decade’s development of solar PV plant, FIT has generally stepped out in many countries, and also the cost for solar PV plant has reduced dramatically, more and more solar EPC has turned this roles to build solar plant for commercial use on metal sheet rooftop.

Roof Mounting Solar Stand

As a sales manager in solar bracket, I always insist that safety is one of the most important things for solar bracket since it has support the solar panels which will generate power with 25 years lifelong.

Therefore, how to make sure whether the solar mounting system can withstand the wind speed, snow load and earthquake etc., which is very important for the solar pv plant. Below, I want to introduce one of the required test when you install the solar plant on metal sheet roof. If you want to make sure the lifelong for your solar plant on the roof when suffering the wind storm since the structure calculation is only focusing on the theory, you may refer the following pullout test:

Roof Solar Panel

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