SOEASY Roof Mount Structure for South Korean Factories Metal Roof

SOEASY Roof Mount Structure for South Korean Factories Metal Roof

What will be the solar structure design?

AL Trapezoid + Tripod + Rails + Solar Modules = Inclined Installation to the Roof

Solar Roof Tripod Structure

The AL Trapezoid is fit for trapezoidal metal roof which is widely used in South Korea Factories and warehouse.

Solar Rooftop Tripod Mounting Pv Racks

What makes customers choose SOEASY Mount?

What make us so proud is our strictly-picked material and self-owned factory which bring our clients perfect quality and on-time delivery. Besides, the patented and unique design from a small clamp to the section of rails make sure that the installation is far more convenient and the stability of SOEASY Solar Structure is stronger.

This is how we fix the rails and the modules, easily installed by a smart spring in the clamp.

Solar Structure Design For Rooftop

With our high-assembling rate, the whole process of the solar structure mounting can be 30% faster than normal tripod. Furthermore, our pre-installation makes the package smaller which saves also the shipping cost.

Solar Structure On Roof

Why we are called SOEASY? Because we are SOEASY! Go with us and have your SOEASY solar experience !

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