Soeasy Concrete Flat Roof Ballast Solar Mounting Solution

Soeasy Concrete Flat Roof Ballast Solar Mounting Solution

We all know that a large-scale solar plant requires the land resource, but sometimes, to save it, constructing the solar system on an existing rooftop can also be an option. And what I’d be glad to share today is the ballast type mounting solution which is harmless to the original structure of concrete roof. I will group the different solutions by the panels:

1. If the panels will be mounted in portrait:

Tripod + Rail + Ballast

ballast solution

Flat Roof Ballast

2. If the panels will be mounted in landscape:

A: SE Ballast (No rails)

Solar Mounting Solution

Tripod Rail Ballast


I.      The components are very simple with only front & rear support, support tube connectors, end clamps, and bolts. The supports are pre-assembled and it can be folded to save the package and freight cost.

II.     100% ballast system so the structure can be mobile and it’s portable.

III.    This type is to fix the panels on every 1/4 point of the long side which complies with the panel installation manual and the it avoids the deformation of the panels largely.

IV.    Detailed design makes the structure perfect and more stable

ballast system

Quick Comparing: Another similar ballast solution

ballast type mounting solution

As we can see in the picture above, this system is using large panel which has 144 cells with more than 2m in length. It’s a new construction but it already has sag now because this solution has no support under the panels while SOEASY solution applies the support on every 1/4 point of the panel long side which means there are 2 supports under every panel.

3. If other special requests and different solutions are needed?

Contact SOEASY team and our structural engineer team will advise the most cost-saved and proper solution for you and your customers.

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