2MW Solar Ground PV Project Installed in Korea

2MW Solar Ground PV Project Installed in Korea

SOEASY has awarded a 2MW solar mount order to support the solar PV station in Korea. This project has adapted W type solar structure because of heavy snow load and high wind speed, and this structure has designed under the calculation standard of JIS2017 which has ensured the safety of this solar PV power station.

According to the longitude and latitude, our technical team has designed 25 degree ground mounting solution for this project to maximize the efficiency of solar module power generation. With the highly pre-assembled and SO-EASY Installation design solar structures, SOEASY Group has attained a very good reputation of SOEASY solar mount.

In the future, SOEASY will continue to design higher quality and suitable mounting solutions for solar PV power station all over the world. In a word, SOEASY Group will still make its contribution to build a green and renewable world.

Below are some project photos for reference:

Ground Mounting Solution

Solar PV Power Station

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