Challenges and Opportunities Coexist

Challenges and Opportunities Coexist

The COVID-19 still continues to spread all over the world and takes a strong effect in the world’s economy. However, the sun still rises from the east to light up the world with the warmest kindness. Solar industry could be a hope for people to suffer from such hardest time.

Although under such severe situation, SOEASY just delivered a 3MW rooftop solar mounting system to Vietnam and was successfully on-grid lately due to their domestic hottest FIT2 policy.

Rooftop Solar Mounting System

Vietnam has been the hottest solar market within last 2 years and it has accomplished about 6.5GW projects so far. So many investors have been involved in this market and surely SOEASY is already a big participator among these. SOEASY has delivered about 50MW rooftop mounting accessories to Vietnam so far this year and committed to power the world with our best efforts.

   Like our slogan says, “Energy made easy”, SOEASY will continue to commit to make our life easy with energy.

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