Belgium becomes a GW solar market

Belgium becomes a GW solar market

The central European country had its best year in terms of new PV deployment in 2020 with around 1,010 MW of installed capacity. Its cumulative solar capacity surpassed 6 GW at the end of December.

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Belgium crossed for the first time the 1 GW threshold in terms of new PV deployment last year, according to new figures released by the Belgian trade body Promotion des Energies Renouvelables (APERe).

In 2020, PV systems with a combined capacity of 1,010 MW were installed in the country, of which 800 MW in the Dutch-speaking macro-region of Flanders, 150 MW in the French-speaking region of Wallonia, and 50 MW in the Brussels Metropolitan Region.

For comparison, the newly installed PV capacity for 2019 and 2018 was 544 and 367 MW, respectively.

Flanders and the Brussels Metropolitan Region saw a significant increase in new installations this year, while Wallonia registered a considerable decrease. This slowdown can be explained in particular by a 60% drop in large installations of 250 to 750 kW and an 85% collapse in very large installations of over 750 kW.

In Flanders, there was a 45% increase in residential installations, following the effect of the announcement of the 15-year grace period granted to PV systems owners under net metering to avoid the installation of a smart meter. The grace period, however, was invalidated by a decision of the constitutional court in January.

Small installations not exceeding 10 kW in size represent 60 to 65% of the installed capacity in Belgium, while arrays ranging from 10 to 250 kWp represent 10%. Installations that are smaller than 10 kW or larger than 250 kW represent 2%, respectively.

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