2020 Company Extension Activity

Team spirit, in short, is the overall consciousness, cooperation spirit and service spirit concentrated embodiment. Teamwork is based on respect for individual interests and achievements. The core is cooperation, and the highest level is the centripetal force and cohesion of all members, that is, the unity of individual interests and overall interests promotes the efficient operation of the team.

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The formation of team spirit does not require team members to sacrifice themselves. On the contrary, personality and special skills ensure that team members can accomplish tasks and goals together, and the clear willingness and way of cooperation will generate the real inner power. Without a good working attitude and dedication, there will be no team spirit.

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In the early summer of 2020, our team organized a quality development event, which was very rich and diverse and very interesting. At noon we divided the division of labor to cook, although the conditions are limited, but we all eat very happy. We got together for a barbecue in the evening. Through this activity, cultivate the feelings between the groups, enhance team cohesion, leaving a good memory.

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