2019 Annual Meeting

In short, the basic style is the enterprise banquet employees for the end of the year dinner and friendship, to thank and recognize the hard work of employees. Companies feast on employees during the annual meeting to reward the hard work of the past year.

Annual meeting, Fujian and Taiwan traditional festivals. The most popular custom is the company enterprises held on the same day dinner party and staff networking activities, called year-end dinner, as well as party, barbecue, party and even dance.

At the end of 2019, we held a annual party. The host came on stage to begin and then the leader gave a speech. The second part is to award outstanding employees. There are many kinds of awards, such as outstanding employees award, best assistance service award, progress award, contribution award, etc. The third part is the stage performance, guitar playing, singing, dancing and so on. Finally, all the staff took a group photo and the annual meeting ended successfully.

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