2018 Company Extension Activity

Good team spirit and positive attitude towards life are the basic qualities of modern people and the two core connotations of modern human personality traits. In modern society, only under the control of this personality force can human wisdom and skills burst forth with dazzling light and quality development emerge as The Times require.

Quality development originates from the outdoor experience training that has been popular in foreign countries for decades. It is a new learning method and training method for modern people and modern organizations to train people's positive attitude towards life and team spirit by designing unique outdoor activities that are thoughtful, challenging and interesting.

In the early summer of 2018, our company organized a group outing. We came to Changtai Drift in Zhangzhou. We visited “Couple Trees” “Sea of flowers” “Stone tower” and “Dream Valley”. Carried out the clip table tennis, trust back wrestling, concentric peer and tightrope walking small games. Through this extension activity to close the distance between team members, enhance the cohesion of the team.

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